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Ear Training for iPhone and iPad

Take Your Ear Training Anywhere with EarBeater

EarBeater for iPhone and iPad

“Of all the different ear training apps I have reviewed over the years EarBeater’s interface wins hands down. Overall a powerful and useful app for any musician in training.” – Chad Criswell,

“I think EarBeater wins big with its sequential, well thought-out approach to ear training. The extensive list of small tasks in each category will give students confidence in their ability to master and build lasting music theory knowledge.” – Lynda Arnold,

“Ear Beater ear training app, is simple, straight to the point, clean, runs smoothly, provides a systematic/natural progression for ear training, allows customization, and has a whole lot of ear training exercises!” – Posido Vega,

Rated five stars on App StoreRated 5 Stars on the App Store

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Track your progress in EarBeater

Keep track of your progress

EarBeater gives you more than 200 individual exercises covering intervals, chords and scales. They start out easy and gradually become more difficult. It works in a step by step approach to improve your aural hearing skills.

You can keep track of your overall progress and see how well you’re doing on the different exercises.

Create custom exercises

Need to focus on a specific set of intervals, chords or scales? EarBeater lets you create your own custom exercises so you can concentrate on the things you need to work on.

Choose between many different types of intervals, chords and scales – ranging from simple triads and pentatonic scales to more complex and extended stuff.

EarBeater Exercise Creator

EarBeater settings

Adjust your settings

EarBeater lets you adjust different settings. Maybe you don’t want to ‘cheat’ by having the keyboard switched on before answering a question. Or maybe you want to challenge yourself by decreasing the time interval between the notes. Just disable the keyboard sound or adjust the time interval between the notes.

You can also choose between 3 different sounds: Piano, E-Piano and Guitar.

Get EarBeater for just $7.99 – Or try the free EarBeater Lite

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Rated five stars on App StoreRated 5 stars on the App Store
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