After adding the log in functionality to EarBeater I thought it would be cool to add a new feature. The ability to share your exercises with others. Many people have asked for this, especially music teachers, who wanted to create  individually tailored ear training exercises for their students. Now it is possible to share a link to a specific ear training exercise you created with EarBeater.

I also re-added the ability to edit your exercises. I had previously removed that functionality as it was full of bugs and didn’t really work well. Now that should work better.

Create an exercise

To share an exercise you must first create one. Log in to EarBeater, navigate to the discipline you want toe create an exercise for (Compare Interval Sizes, Identify Intervals, Identify Chords, Identify Chord Inversions, and Identify Scales), click on the “User Exercises” tab.

User Exercises tab in EarBeater

Then click the big red button to create a new exercise.

Add user exercise button from EarBeater

Select the chords, intervals or scales you want in your exercise, whether they should be played ascending, descending or in harmony, add a title and a description and then save it.

Create a chord exercise in EarBeater

Share the exercise

Now you can click on the three vertical dots on the exercise you just created and select “Share Link”:

Share EarBeater exercise link

Then you will see this dialog where you can either copy the link from the text box. Or you can simply click the copy icon and the link will be copied to your clipboard.

Share EarBeater exercise link

There you go. Send the link to your students, challenge your boyfriend or girlfriend, do whatever you want..

I hope you will use and enjoy this new feature.

And as always, send me an email if you have questions or ideas.