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Learn to play by ear

  • Improve your aural skills
  • Be confident in your playing
  • Express yourself through music
  • Become a better musician
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  • Create custom exercises

What people say about EarBeater

“I think EarBeater wins big with its sequential, well thought-out approach to ear training.

The extensive list of small tasks in each category will give students confidence in their ability to master and build lasting music theory knowledge.”


“Of all the different ear training apps I have reviewed over the years EarBeater’s interface wins hands down. Overall a powerful and useful app for any musician in training.” Chad Criswell, MusicEdMagic

“Ear Beater ear training app, is simple, straight to the point, clean, runs smoothly, provides a systematic/natural progression for ear training, allows customization, and has a whole lot of ear training exercises!” – Posido Vega,

“I use EarBeater in the teaching of my theory and ear training classes. My students are 15-16 years old and they think it’s really fun using the tool. The software is very easy to use and I can easily differentiate my teaching by giving the students exercises that suit their individual needs.”Kirstine Ravn, Music Teacher

Tutorful offers guitar tutoring to thousands of aspiring guitarists across the UK, and they’ve just compiled a handy go-to list of top guitar practice tools. We’re delighted that EarBeater has been included!