EarBeater has changed a bit. Many users have asked for the possibility to create a user account, log in, and access their saved exercises across their different devices. So over over the last few months I have been working on implementing user authentication. That, and correcting bugs, refactoring code etc..

Create an EarBeater Account with Email, Facebook or Google

To make it as easy as possibly for you to create an account on EarBeater, it’s possible to sign up using your existing Facebook or Google account. You can also create an account using email and password.

Where are my saved scores and exercises?

Maybe you noticed that  your previously saved scores and custom exercises are gone. Up until now your data has been saved to your browsers local storage. If you used more than one browser, maybe on multiple devices like your laptop and you phone, different versions of your data would be saved in the different browsers local storage. So you would have one set of scores and exercises saved on one device, and a different set of scores and exercises on another device.

If you have been using EarBeater you probably already have some data saved in you browser. And maybe you worry about where it all went.

Don’t worry! It’s not lost!

When you sign up and create an account the app will check for any stored scores and exercises in your browser. If you already have data stored it will be copied to your database so you can access it from any device.  It’s important though, that you sign in from the browser from where you want to copy the data. (if you have used EarBeater in multiple browsers / on multiple devices). It’s only possible to copy the data the first time you log in / sign up. 

If you sign up from “the wrong browser or device” by mistake and you don’t get the data you want, the only option is to delete your account from your Account Settings and create a new account again from the browser or device where your data is stored.

Please Report Bugs

It’s likely that you will find things that don’t work as they should. I have added quite a bit of new code, and even though I have tested it in may ways, there are probably still bugs to be found. So please, if you encounter any bugs, drop me an email and tell me about it. 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates to EarBeater in the near future 🙂